(**Caution: This club is only for students wishing to step above and beyond the normal classroom experience, and take a chance in exploring the joy of learning**)

Mrs. Walker's Frog-Tastic Students is a club for students who are interested in exploring and learning more about this amazing world of ours. All you have to do is learn all about the topic, and then come tell Mrs. Walker when you have mastered the skill so that we may schedule an appointment to take your challenge (during lunch recess, before school or after school). You may become a 1-star member, all the way up to an 84-star member! Learning never ends and your journey to becoming a life-long learner begins here!

The "Frog-Tastic Hall of Fame" will be posted in my room and will remain there until I am no longer teaching. Each topic challenge is worth one star and each gained star allows you to participate in one of the five Frog-tastic Halls of Fame. Once you earn one star, your name will be placed in the Bronze Frog-tastic Hall of Fame. You will continue to complete other challenges to work your way up to the Diamond Frog-Tastic Hall of Fame. Once you reach the Diamond Frog-Tastic level with 84 (the maximum) stars, you will have the special privilege of conducting research and developing new questions to be added to the Frog-Tastic Students Club. Have fun and good luck!

This program is modeled after Heather Renz's Mastery Club. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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